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Facebook Attitude Sms For Boys 2022

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Facebook Attitude Sms For Boys 2022


Smiling like a flower is life,
Life is to forget sorrow by smiling,
What if people are happy together?
To maintain friendship without meeting is also life!

I understand everything but remain silent
Those who try to bring me down,
I often stay with them.


live near
But not together…
some people envy me
Just don’t fade

setting fire
It’s not in my nature..
If people are jealous of my simplicity
What is my fault..!!

Don’t bother to come back
We don’t rekindle a love.

It is said that we do not indicate everything with our tongue.

Those who walk on the sky do not pass through the ground,
We have the courage to change every situation,
We do not waste every decision of time.

Don’t even look with my eyes
that my heart does not meet,
forcibly shaking hands,
It’s not just about me.

Well we rule every heart
We celebrate the one who gets angry
I think we meet you less
But whenever we meet we smile.

To go out of the house to college, she came out in a niqab,
The whole street followed him,
They used to deny our love,

Sanam, your hatred does not have that power,
Who destroys my desire,
This is love, not a game
Who forgot today by playing goose and crying tomorrow.

I am such a father that I remain intoxicated,
I understand everything but remain silent
Those who try to bring me down,
I often stay with them.

I have no habit of bowing my head.
There is no habit of shedding tears,
Because we are not in the habit of coming back.

Believe that you will never tell about the heart,
But how will you hide what is in your eyes?
This is our promise to you,
Whenever you look in the heart, you will find our picture.

Seeing your pride, we gave up your desire,
Just let us see who wants you like us.

I have a tradition of punishing enemies.
I don’t raise my hand, I drop it out of sight.


I have found a high but position in the sky,
You were talking, after all you have spoken,
Even though I have been sold somewhere for the sake of stomach.

our personality,
You take this life
We were never his
that belongs to everyone.

Forgetting us if you stay safe,
So forgetting to take care of you, we also know,
This habit is not in my nature, otherwise,
I want to change like you.

I don’t see any wonder, I don’t see any
I don’t value anything in your eyes,
But ask those whom I have not achieved.

Becoming a fragrance, blowing it with flowers,
As smoke they blow from the mountains,
What will these times stop us,
We don’t fly with our spirits.

Attitude is our fire, that’s why character has its stain, we are the father of enemies, that’s why we have our power over the world.

The biggest ignorant is the one who understands the ignorant of me…. Who is the identity of everyone in how much water?

If my mother and her future daughter-in-law are with me, then what is the place in this fucking world in front of me.

It is easy to defeat anyone by gathering a crowd, but the fun is when there is a stampede in the crowd on hearing your name.

Ask yourself from your heart…. that wants to forget me??? If he says “yes” then I will give up love by oath.

If you want to live in this selfish world then keep moving your feet even while sleeping… otherwise people will not take long to burn them thinking they are dead..

Don’t ask for some time by giving this and then reciting it, the favor which he once expressed a million times !!

Whom I see a thousand ab in today, sometimes the same people used to clap even on our mistake !!


You are new son.. I have played old games.


After me, see someone else as a companion.. Your own heartbeat will say that there was something else in his loyalty.

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